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What are the most common issues a computer technician can fix? Virus, adware, and malware removal Address performance issues, diagnostics, and tune-up Hardware installation, updates, and removals Software installation, updates, and removals Desktop and laptop computer repair Why should I hire a computer technician for computer repair? The wonderful thing about hiring a computer technician […]

Is your Windows Expiring?

Microsoft support for Windows XP terminates on April 8th, 2014.  After that date, no further security or enhancement patches will be issued and your computer will become increasingly vulnerable to hacking and other exploits.  To prevent this, there are basically two options, get a new computer with an updated operating system or upgrade your old […]


For the first time in Cedar Park, we are offering a $80 max computer repair service. Best of all our diagnostics is free! Please check out more details on Services page.     Please read and write reviews about us!            

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