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Samantha McDanelSamantha McDanel
01:56 10 Mar 23
Ali is fantastic. Fair priced, professional, and makes sure you understand everything he’s helping you with.Other places in town like “That Bytes” and “Computer Medic” talk unprofessionally down to you and over-expend their efforts to overcharge you. After having my PC at Computer Medic for a week and them putting it off, I took it to Ali and he called me within 30min with the diagnosis, put in my new part, and had me out the door with a working computer again. Would’ve costed me 4x as much with a week turn around at Computer Medic. Grateful for Ali’s help!

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What are the most common issues a computer technician can fix? Virus, adware, and malware removal Address performance issues, diagnostics, and tune-up Hardware installation, updates, and removals Software installation, updates, and removals Desktop and laptop computer repair Why should I hire a computer technician for computer repair? The wonderful thing about hiring a computer technician […]


For the first time in Cedar Park, we are offering a $80 max computer repair service. Best of all our diagnostics is free! Please check out more details on Services page.     Please read and write reviews about us!